Southeastern Bound
History and Travel with a Southeastern Perspective
Two Boomers travel the USA looking for realistic, low-cost places in interesting and historic places.  The have traveled from the Atlantic to the Pacific finding hidden, less-known sites that inspire stories and pictures.

Jim Byous writes about travel and history with a Southeastern perspective. In his life he has been a cowboy, a construction worker, a fireman, a janitor, a journalist and photojournalist and now a historian/traveler. "I've had many jobs and done many things," he says.  "But, I've always had a passion for history." An expert in the history of Savannah, Georgia, he tends to write "a bit more on that topic."  However, he love to travel and tell others about what he and Becky has seen, "through the eyes of an old guy."

Rebecca Harrison Byous, aka Becky, aka The Beckster, is much younger, and is a native of Georgia who was raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  A writer and photographer she she founded Weddings for Warriors, Inc., an organization of citizen volunteers who provide free weddings and vow renewals to active duty military.  She shares Jim's love of history and finding interesting stories to tell.

They travel with their blog-writing Chihuahua, Gus, and review pet friendly businesses including restaurants that have gluten free menus from a mature view of the world.

Southeastern Bound
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